10 Ways Jesus Acted Differently From Today’s Church


10 Ways Jesus Acted Differently From Today’s Church

10 Ways Jesus Acted Differently From Today’s Church1. Jesus dealt with unfaithfulness diversely by pardoning and reestablishing the man who denied Him and surrendered the service after His torturous killing.

1. Jesus handled disloyalty differently by forgiving and restoring the man who denied Him and abandoned the ministry after His crucifixion.

“When they had got done with eating, Jesus said to Simon Peter, Simon child of John, do you genuinely cherish me more than these? Indeed Lord, he stated, you realize that I love you. Jesus stated, Feed my sheep.” John 21:15

2. Jesus showed His adherents to favor their adversaries and not to revile them.

“You have heard that it was stated, love your neighbor and loathe your foe. In any case, I let you know: Love your foes, and petition God for the individuals who abuse you, that you might be children of your Father in Heaven. He makes His sun to ascend fair and square and the great, and sends downpour on the honorable and the indecent.” Matthew 5:43-45

3. Jesus reproached James when the last looked for authorization to “call down fire from paradise” to pulverize the individuals who restricted crafted by God.

“As the time drew closer for him to be taken up to paradise, Jesus fearlessly set out for Jerusalem, and He sent couriers on ahead… .however the individuals there didn’t invite him, since he was setting out toward Jerusalem. When the devotees James and John saw this, they asked, Lord do you need us to call down fire from paradise to pulverize them? Be that as it may, Jesus turned and censured them, and they went to another town.” Luke 9:54

4. Jesus never removed individuals from His ‘congregation’. The individuals who left did as such voluntarily.

“On hearing it, a large number of his followers stated, This is a hard instructing. Who can acknowledge it? From this time a large number of his pupils turned around and no longer tailed him.” John 6:60, 66

5. Jesus took care of poor people and transparently connected with them. He urged His adherents to visit those in jail, in the emergency clinic, feed the ravenous, care for the parched and accommodate the individuals who were outsiders.

“For I was eager and you gave me something to eat, I was parched and you gave me something to drink, I was an outsider and you welcomed me in, I required garments and you dressed me, I was wiped out and you took care of me, I was in jail and you stayed with me… .I come clean with you, whatever you accomplished for one of the least of these siblings of mine, you accomplished for me.” Matthew 25:35, 40

6. Jesus cautioned His adherents to be careful about bogus educators and bogus prophets who might ride on the wings of bogus teaching to misdirect and to lead some adrift.

“Watch out for bogus prophets. They come to you in sheep’s dress, yet deep down they are brutal wolves. By their organic product you will remember them.” Matthew 7:15-16

7. Jesus seriously censured and condemned the strict pioneers of His time who adored and utilized their titles and places of benefit to oppress the individuals as opposed to utilizing same to engage them.

“All that they do is accomplished for men to see: They make their phylacteries (robes and outfits) wide and the decorations of their petition shawls long; they love the spot of respect at feasts and the most significant seats at the synagogues… hardship to you, instructors of the law and Pharisees, you wolves in sheep’s clothing! You shut the Kingdom of paradise in men’s appearances. You yourselves don’t enter, nor will you let those enter who are attempting to. Hardship to you, instructors of the law and Pharisees, you charlatans! You travel over land and ocean to win a solitary believer, and when he gets one, you make him twice as much a child of hellfire as you seem to be.” Matthew 23:5,13&15.

8. Jesus talked about the “misdirection of wealth” and cautioned against falling into the snare of mammon. He eagerly contradicted the covetous in the public arena incorporating those in strict circles who misused poor people.

“Nobody can serve two bosses. It is possible that he will loathe the one and love the other, or he will be given and disdain the other. You can’t serve both God and cash.” Matthew 6:24; Matthew 13:22; Matthew 19:16-22

9. Jesus showed His devotees to assume individual liability by looking for God for themselves and not to follow supernatural occurrences.

“A fiendish and two-timing age searches for a supernatural sign however none would be offered it with the exception of the hint of Jonah. Matthew 16:4

10. Jesus tried to do He said others should do. He excused his executioners. He treated his foes well. He loved instead of lashing out when he was struck and like a “sheep before her shearers is quiet, he never opened his mouth”. Isaiah 53:7b

Reward Point

Jesus however completely God and furthermore completely man knew His confinements. He stayed in contact with the Father every day. May the God of Grace help every one of us to remain grounded and never “consider yourself more profoundly than you should.” Romans 12:3b; John 5:30

Be enlivened. PKP


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