Make condom purchasing friendly – Youth tells drug specialist


Make condom purchasing agreeable – Youth tells drug specialist


The main thing steady in life is that purchasing condoms is constantly an unbalanced encounter. In the start of one’s sexual immaturity it begins as an out and out humiliating procedure and just turns out to be less so with age. This has made some adolescent offer their notions over their acquisition of condoms.

As indicated by them, drug specialists and MCA’s don’t make them agreeable when buying a condom. Which makes them purchase paracetamol rather than condoms.

These declarations were made in an arbitrary meeting with

” My sibling they state we ought to shield ourselves to keep us from reaching sicknesses however when I go the drug store to get a condom, they take a gander at me in an amusing manner which perplexes me. They cause me to feel it’s denied to get a condom in this nation. The inquiry I hush up about posing is that, do they (drug specialists) need us to contact sicknesses and spread before they make condom purchasing amicable? Be that as it may, I figure it will be better on the off chance that they change their mentality towards condom buy”. Said by one.


” Safety is central to me particularly during s*x, so I generally put on a condom to play safe yet the conduct of certain drug specialists is making me suspect something. By and by I have experienced numerous terrible disposition from them particularly the female drug specialists and the clinical counter colleague, whenever I visit the drug store shop to get a condom. Here and there they make me think they have an awful view of individuals who belittle the item to be miscreants which shouldn’t be so. These individuals state we ought to either go without or put on a condom. In any case, here untruths the situation where awful demeanor are being appeared by drug specialists when we need buy the item. I accept on the off chance that I need something, I ought to have the option to buy it unafraid”. Said by another.

In furtherance, they disclosed that the prices of condoms are moderate but pleaded with pharmacists to change their attitude towards them when they want to patronize the product.


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